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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Help me solve the mystery...

Do you know what kind of tree this is?

 The hubster and I are debating over whether it is a Dogwood or type of Maple. (Keep in mind, we know nothing about trees. So if we are way off, try not to laugh too hard)

If you have an idea or know for sure, leave me an answer in the comment section. Thanks!
(Sorry, there's no prize, except for my appreciation. Woo-hoo!)


  1. Your husband is correct. It is a Maple. You should have never doubted him

  2. Considering that I never said who thought it was a Maple or who thought it was a Dogwood, I am guessing that it was you, Richard, who left that comment...

  3. Well, I suggest that you and the hubster (aka Richard; Oh I love it!!!!) should google the internet on trees and see what you come up with. Mom

  4. The leaves are not the correct shape to be a maple, sorry Richard! And, the flowers do not look like dogwood flowers, so I have no idea what it is but, I do not believe it is either of the two listed. So, back to the drawing board.



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