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Saturday, May 1, 2010

I'm easily amused...

When I first started school here at K-State I kept receiving odd emails addressed to Annalise Snyder, but with content that clearly I had nothing to do with, like borrowed AV equipment, fundraising events, etc. The senders believed they were contacting the right person, but were sorely mistaken. I even received phone calls for this elusive Annalise. It turns out there are two Annalise Snyder's here at K-state, so I kindly replied to the emailers, letting them know they had the wrong person, and went on with my business.

Well, here I am four months later, the emails and phone calls have long since stopped, and I had forgotten all about the malarkey. And then I picked up a copy of the daily Collegian, our school newspaper, and inside there was an article on my mystery counterpart! Turns out she is an executive director at the Smith Scholarship house on campus.

(click article to enlarge)

Question is now, where do I go from here? I am compelled to go and introduce myself so I can share my story with her.  I think it would be entertaining and very interesting to meet her. I've never met an adult with the same first name as me, let alone the same last name too! I wonder if she's married and what her maiden name might be... ;)

What do you think I should do?


  1. definately you should introduce yourself to her - not only could it be cool to meet some one with the same name but she is head at some scholarship house maybe she could help you get some free money- everyone likes free money!

  2. Say Baby Girl, your pictures are beautiful, you really did a good job editing them. I hope the weather is better next time I come out so we can go out there. Love you Mom



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