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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Craft Corner

Armed with a Hobby Lobby gift card that I won in a raffle at my coffee group, I headed out in search of baskets to corral all of the art supplies that were taking over my craft corner. Lucky for me, all woven baskets were 50% off this week. I walked out of the store with four baskets and a holder for my paint brushes for next to nothing.

Call it a "Mini-Makeover" if you will

My favorite purchase was this double tin bucket for my paint brushes. It has a nice handle for easy portability. How fun!


  1. I love your blog, it's cheerful and happy! And, it makes me smile! Thank you. I know you have become a follower on mine now, please excuse the demeanor of blog. It is not meant to be necessarily cheerful, nor happy at this time, more a place where I can allow myself to say what is truly on my mind without repercussion. I needed a place to vent, and was inspired by Katies blog to do so in that forum. It has been helpful to me to speak mind there. I hope you will not think less of me for it however!

  2. What luck to win a "Hobby Lobby" gift card, which coffee shop was it? I really like the two bucket with handle, I will have to go and see what is on sale at our "Hobby Lobby". Last week we went and got grandma an etrege (spelling?) for some of her orchids, right now on the sun porch, in the winter in dining room so hopefully alot of them won't kick the bucket this year. Also you hobby corner now looks worthy of "Real Simple". Love you Mom.



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