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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Framed Paper Art

Ever since we moved in, nearly nine months ago, I have been staring at this blank wall in my dining room. I hadn't a clue what to fill it with and was excited when I found four empty frames hiding in storage, although I was torn when it came to filling the frames. My first thought of course was to use pictures, but what was dining room appropriate? I finally settled on doing paper art instead. Since I had never done it before, it sounded like a fun challenge.

First I started off by picking out the paper that I wanted to use, in this case it was fancy scrapbook paper. I chose four different designs and one solid colored paper to tie it all together. Somehow I got it in my head to use owls as my guiding inspiration and searched the internet for silhouettes to trace.

Armed with an exacto knife and my owl pieces, I traced and cut out the two owl silhouettes above and below to create four pieces.

The wall still feels a bit bare, since the scale of the frames is small in relationship to the whole space, but I am working on a few ideas.

All together though, I like how it turned out and am craving more paper art!

 The week before I re-did my entry way space so that there was a place to hang your keys and sit down to take your shoes off. (Sorry, I forgot the before pics, but just envision a mess)

To bring some color to this brown blob of a space, I created the painting. After staring at it for a week, I would have liked to have spent a few more moments on it, but it seems to fit the bill.

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