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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas Ohio Style

It was a long week, so this is a long post. My visit was filled with familiar faces, food, good company, gifts, and good times.

I got to see all of my close friends from back home.

Lindsay and I spent an evening in Lakewood, dining at Niko's and catching up at Brother's Lounge, while bumping in to a few old friends from high school.

I got to have breakfast with the Stacey and John, who I hadn't seen in way too long!

My friend Jess and I had dinner at Aladdin's (Mmmm, Manhattan so needs one of these!) I forgot to take a picture, so here is one from last year...

It was so great to see all of you guys and gals!

Edgar made himself comfortable everywhere, with everyone.

I spent Christmas Eve with the Snyder Clan.

It turned out to be a white Christmas (even though there was plenty of snow on the ground to begin with, I woke up to fluffy flakes falling from the sky).

There were presents for everyone.

I call this Chicken Carnage. It only took a matter of minutes to tear him apart. (as of today, the chicken is completely headless, wingless, and footless. It's pretty much a torso now.)

You may notice a beautiful Coach purse in this ensemble. I must have been on the nice list this year, because "Santa" slipped it under the tree for me. If you have no clue what I am referring to, click here.

In addition to the purse, I also got a sewing machine! Kudos to that, because that means I can share more craft projects with you. You can follow along as I beef up my sewing skills and attempt to make Edgar fashion forward.

Edgar was proud to have his likeness shrunk into two ornaments. He says they need to be kept out all year long.

When all the festivities had come to an end, Edgar graciously offered to help clean up the kitchen and do the dishes.

In between all of this madness, my mother and I also found time to head up to Beachwood Place so I could shop at H&M. We also strolled through downtown Kent, visiting the Black Squirrel Gallery (yes, Kent has black squirrels) and Acorn Alley. Hudson also made our to do list; we did a bit of window shopping at First and Main.

Until next year Ohio!

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  1. Wow, did alot get packed in just 7 days!! Now here it is almost a new year!!! Hope everyone had a joyous Christmas. We missed your smiling face Rich. Mom



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