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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Eagle Days

Today was a chilly one, but the cold didn't stop us from trekking outside to see the Bald Eagles that have taken up residence every winter since 1989 at Tuttle Creek Lake.

Kansas residents gathered at the Manhattan Fire Station for some background information on these large raptors and some face to face with other birds of prey.

Peregrine Falcon:

American Kestrel:    (I love how she is ruffling her feathers in the middle one)
Red-tailed Hawk:
Skreech Owl:                                         (such a cutie)
Turkey Vulture:
Barn Owl:                           (one of my faves)
After the presentation, we headed over to Tuttle Creek Lake to spot the Bald Eagles
Look closely, there are four in this picture
This is as close as I could get with my 300 mm lens

This is one of the eagle's nests. Apparently they are around six feet in diameter and can easily hold a human's weight!

Thanks for the fun and educational event Manhattan!


  1. Great photo's as usuall. I would love to have seen the owls, I like the Skreech Owl the best. It was well worth to trip. Did they say how long the eagles nest at Tuttle Creek; are the nests right off of the road like the Herons in Cuyahoga Valley? Love Mom

  2. They are inside the State Park, so you can drive up, but you aren't on a main road. I believe they stay until late spring. This is the "South" for them and they just go as far down as neccessary to avoid frozen water.



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