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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Dog Park

Yesterday was a beautiful 60 degrees with sunny skies. Today was just the opposite at 30 degrees with 3 inches of snow and counting! That is why I am so glad Edgar and I got out to enjoy the nice weather. We went to the Fairmont Dog Park, which I recently discovered a few weeks ago. He had a blast!

There were new friends to meet and play with.
Being off the leash was a thrill!

 Edgar was having so much fun working up a sweat that he had to cool off with a roll in the dirt.
 By the time we were leaving, he was one hot dog!

I can't wait for the spring weather to roll around again so we are not stuck inside staring at each other.

Until next time!

1 comment:

  1. Nothing like a romp in the park with some of your buds!!! In some of the picture Edgar doesn't look like Edgar, with his neck scrunched back and all the white showing. I noticed this in the picture you posted on the 365 Project. Fun Day. Did someone have to go home and have a bath??? What luck to finally find a dog park. Mom



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