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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Weenie Dog Races

Every year, downtown Manhattan holds a pooch friendly event, properly named "Paws on Poyntz." Along with the pet-lover oriented vendor booths promoting adoption, training, and selling accessories that every fashionable dog needs, are the weenie dog races. This year marked the 10th Annual Weenie Dog Races and it was a riot! I don't think I have ever seen so many weiner dogs in one place.

But of course, there were other breeds present who came down to socialize and strut their stuff. And it was a pretty hot day if you couldn't tell by all of the tongues, nearly 90 degrees with a 1000% humidity at 10 am!

There were several round of races, leading to the semi-finals and finals.

And they're off!

 It was a photo finish for this little guy.

I'm ready!

Although, some weren't very interested in racing. This guy would rather relax and chew on his bone.

 Mocha was the champion of the day!

Whoever thought up this fun, ridiculous, and quirky event needs a big thumbs up. Kudos to you, weenie dog race creator!

Now that is a lot of malarkey.


  1. This looks to have been one heck of a good time. Alot of tongue wagging. I hope that Edgar had as much fun as the Weiners!!! Did Edgar make any new friends for play dates? Those little guys are almost as cute as Edgar.



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