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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Snow Barbie vs. Storm Q

She's baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!

Snow Barbie has been on hiatus for a while due to non-note worthy weather. Last winter only brought a mere 2 inches of snow, but this year is promising to deliver. Snow Storm Q is planning on dumping 10 to 15+ inches on Manhattan, Kansas over the next 24 hours.

School has already been cancelled for our area tomorrow, which leaves me plenty of time to keep everyone updated on Snow Barbie's condition.

Because we are expecting so much snow and my current ruler only measures 12 inches, I headed out to Target to procure more measurement power!

  I would like to introduce you to the 27 incher! The 12 incher and 15 incher have joined forces to ensure that all snow accumulation is accounted for. 

And because it can get lonely out there, Snow Barbie has some company this time around. Frigid Flamingo measures in at 16 inches, which should keep us going, should Storm Q completely overrun poor Snow Barbie.

Without further ado, here is Snow Barbie and Frigid Flamingo!

Keep checking back on this post or on Facebook for more updates. And be sure to cast your vote for snow accumulation on the pole in the upper right corner of the blog.

Happy watching!


The first update is in. It's finally snowing! I peeked my head out the window around 3 am this morning and there was nothing. But when Edgar got up for his morning tinkle, it was coming down hard! We are currently at 1 inch and shortly, poor Barbie will not be able to see anymore. Her head is like a snow magnet! And no, they're not falling over, I was just hurried by the wet sticky snow falling on me.

It's nearly 9 am and we are at 3 inches.

It's the 11 am check-in and we're at 5inches.

 Barbie got her hair "frosted"

Not much has changed over the last 6 hours. We are only at 5.5 inches (a far cry from the forecasted 10 to 15 inches), but more is expected this evening, so you never know.

Snow Barbie and Frigid Flamingo are calling it a night. We have topped of at 6 inches and aren't expecting much more. So much for needing that extra ruler!

For all of the hype that the weathermen created, it sure fell flat. That 10 to 15+ inches came in at 6 inches. But I can't complain too much. I did get two snow days out of it!
Maybe next year Snow Barbie...

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