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Friday, June 11, 2010

Konza Prairie Wildflower Walk

I recently went on a Wildflower Walk at Konza Prairie and ended up taking 260 pictures! The process of widdling down the images was painful, but in the end only the best survived.

Here are a few favorites from the day...


This was our "docent", Chod. He guided us on the tour. 

 There was a sweet older couple with the group that occupied a lot of my time. She was 89 and he was 91. I hope to be able to walk two miles in the afternoon sun, up and down hills, when I'm that age!

Smell it Richard, smell it!



 Prickly, prickly. Our tour guide told us what each plant was, but I was too busy snapping away.

Richard gave these daisies a thumbs up!

 This picture just says Kansas to me, not sure exactly why, but it does 


  1. As usuall the photos are beautiful. The older couple was really sweet, who's are the holding hands photo of you and Rich or the couple? It look to be quite a lovely afternoon. I am not sure about the photo web site, it says it can't be displayed.

  2. Ok, right after I posted my comment and went back to your blog the photo's were scrolling. I love it you have done a marvolus job and the photos are so good. Thank you for sharing your time with us!!!

  3. Thanks Mom! The hands are mine and Rich's.



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