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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Mini Adventure Part Two

After going to see the sunrise Thursday morning, I came home and lounged for a while before heading out again to discover some of our state parks. Edgar and I headed off to Tuttle Creek State Park and took a walk on the 1 mile Blue River Trail. We saw so much wildlife. There were Blue Herons, Vultures, Owls, Turtles, and Butterflies.

 Edgar. Peed. On. Everything.

 The trees were so magical.
 Edgar had to lay in the tall grass for awhile to cool off.
 After we finished the trail we headed over to Observation Point Park with 360 degrees of beautiful views
Up next was our drive through the Flint Hills to reach Carnahan Park
My partner in crime. 
Scenic pull off on the way... 

Finally we reached Carnahan Park

 It was approaching noon and Edgar decided to take a dip and cool off
 I call him the swamp monster.

This was a neat gate to a ranch that I saw on our drive back from Carnahan Park.  
Our last stop for the day was Pottawatomie State Park No. 2 

 This was the last picture of the day before heading home.
 When the day was done, Edgar was pooped!
We had such a wonderful day roaming around and exploring parts of Kansas. I never could have expected this area to be so beautiful. The best part about the parks is that they are all within a 25 to 35 minute drive from our house.
Thanks for looking!

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