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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Friday, hot hot Friday...

 With temperatures in the mid 90's, I decided to break out the ol' kiddie pool and play poolside in the backyard with Edgar.

Need to make sure the temperature is just right...
 Pool or giant waterbowl?
 Throw it again pleeze
 Edgar mid shake
Once Rich got home from work we decided to head out for some Mexican food at Los Potrillos!
Mmm... Trio Sampler
Car dashboard on the way to the restaraunt. We eventually broke down and turned the central air on in the house.
After dinner we roamed around the mall, got some ice cream and then I took Rich up to Observation Point Park where I had gone Thursday with Edgar.

It was an awesome day, hot, but awesome!

Side Note: The necklace I am wearing here was made by an old friend from elementary/middle school. We recently found each other on Facebook and I discovered that she had an etsy shop with all of her handcrafted jewelry for sale. Her store is called Lowell and Louise.
I love the detail she added to the back with the beads.
Thanks Cathy!


  1. Hi there Annalise. I checked out the store online and love the stuff. I might just have to make a purchase.

  2. Debbie (aka Mom)June 5, 2010 at 3:01 PM

    Wow, there will be alot to see and do next time I come out. I will bet Edgar won't be happy about you going back to school next week. I noticed the neckless right away, but I can't place a Cathy, what is her last name. Is she still in the Kent area, and if so, where is her shop. I am also happy to see Richa with some smiles. Love and miss all of you.

  3. Hey there Mom. Cathy's store is online. You can veiw her items at:


  4. Nice pics! And thanks for the good press!! :)



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