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Friday, July 23, 2010


Better late than never, I say!

About two weeks ago, Rich and I (and Edgar) decided to head over to Topeka and check out the city and nightlife. It was our first time there and we didn't know what we would find. There wasn't much, but we ended up having a good time regardless.

The boys on the way down...

We stayed at the Capital Plaza Hotel, which was pretty nice, but nothing glamorous. We were just excited to have a king sized bed!

After checking in, we headed out and found a cool, upscale, furniture thrift shop called Warehouse 414. Everything in there was so neat... and expensive!

For dinner we found a place called Globe, which serves Indian Cuisine.

We started off by splitting the Vegetable Platter, which had pakoras, samosa, and tikki. Don't ask me what any of that is, I just know what the menu said, and that it was good!

When entree time rolled around, I had the Karahi Paneer, delicious, with a side of Naan, and Rich had the Vegetable Biryani, also delicious.
The spiciness of the curry seemed to hit Rich more than me, which was funny because I am the one who usually wusses out on the hot stuff. I guess my tastebuds were built for the curry, but not hot peppers, as in hot sauce.

For dessert, I ventured out and tried the Kulfi Ice Cream, which was very different from traditional American Ice Cream, but pretty good.

After dinner we headed back to the hotel and took advantage of the swimming pool. An hour later, we headed to the room, got cleaned up, and headed out to the Wild Horse Saloon for some dancing! They played Country, Rock, and Hip-Hop. I even got in a line dance. Good times.

The mini trip was fun, although next time I think we'll try out Wichita or Kansas City, somewhere a bit more lively...

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  1. Edgar looks like "Are we there yet?" I like the redesign of your blog page, just goes to show who really is the most important member of the group and the most photogenic also. Wow the amount of food served at the resturant, looks good. On "Guy's Diners, Dives and Drive Inns" a whole show was devoted to Kansas City BBQ, did it ever look delious, I suppose thou that would be one place you could not get a veggie meal. The furniture place looks like you could really spend some time looking around, very neat.

    Thanks for sharing your trip. Love Mom



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