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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Highway 24

Yesterday I had to drive to Topeka after visiting the mall there on Saturday. For those of you who don't know, it is a 55 mile drive. The reason for my return was because of a pair of boots that I had purchased that afternoon. I went to put said boots on the following day and discovered that I didn't have two left feet. The clerk must have thought I did though, because in the box were two left sided rocket dogs. See my dilemna? Consequently, I had to drive all the way back to the mall to get a right sided boot to compliment my left sided boot. I put on my positive attitude and made a day trip of it, taking Hwy 24, which runs parallel to the main highway. Hwy 24 takes you through little towns with so much character and charm. Their populations range from 200 in Belvue to 2000 in St. Mary's. The weather was gorgeous yesterday with bright and sunny skies. It was a beautiful winter's day drive.


My favorite part of the trip was when I saw this horse jumping around and playing solo in his yard. It was so beautiful to witness his display of zest and carefree attitude. It reminded me that play can invigorate the soul and give new meaning to our world. It fosters creativity, reduces stress, and strengthens relationships. I challenge everyone to go out and play today!

The annoying incident turned out to be an adventure in disguise. I am so glad I took the drive and relished in Mother Nature's beauty!

And I'm also glad to have a proper pair of boots.


  1. Great pictures of the horse. But what about the boots, they deserve a picture since they are the reason for all of these other pictures of a cold sunny day in the midwest. I really like the birds over the field.
    WE WANT BOOTS!!! Love you Mom

  2. Ok Ok, the boots have been added :)

  3. Cute Boots, they should keep the toes toasty!



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