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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Green Tea Sushi

Manhattan has a fun new Japanese restaurant! It's called Green Tea Sushi and I've been there twice already since finding out about it two weeks ago. There is so much on their menu besides delicious sushi. I couldn't find a website for the one in Manhattan, but I think this Green Tea Sushi must have the same owners because the menu is very similar, if not identical. Check it out!

The food was delicious and very good for sushi in the middle of the United States. For dessert I had Mochi Ice Cream. Don't let the rice component freak you out, it is tasty!

Going back for more...

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  1. You have manged to find so very many interesting places in Manhattan. The Chamber of Commerce or Tourist Bureau should hire you!!! Yet another interesting eatery for us to try in May; I may have to book another seat for my return trip home. Mom



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