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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Christmas Rag Wreath

There is a new site called Pinterest. A new FABULOUS site called Pinterest. And it has given me so many crafty ideas that I can't keep up, but one DIY item caught my eye in particular. This rag wreath. The rag wreath was originally pinned from Sassy Sanctuary's blog and was made for another holiday, Halloween. Well, Halloween has come and gone, so it is on to Christmas, and that is where my rag wreath comes in. 

To start, I went to Sassy Sanctuary's blog by clicking on the pin and followed all of her instructions on how to create this crafty wreath. A trip to Hobby Lobby procured all of the necessary ingredients for my creation.

I purchased half a yard of four different fabrics of my liking and cut them into 6 inch by 1 inch strips. This is a good project to sit in front of the boob tube with because it took over an hour to cut out all of those strips! After all of my strips were cut, I proceeded to tie them onto my wreath frame in an alternating pattern. Yet another good time to park it in front of the T.V. because this is time consuming as well. 

And just a little tip for you rag wreath makers out there, be sure you divide your strips up evenly in accordance to how many sections your wreath frame has because the metal dividers don't allow you to slide the strips once they are tied on. And you don't want to get half way through the wreath before you realize it, resulting in mind numbing hours untying all of those double knots you made. Believe me, I know.

Despite all of the double knot drama, I continued on. After all of my fabric strips were in place, it was time to paint the letters that were going to be placed on my wreath. In the spirit of Christmas, I chose JOY for my wreath. With the paint still wet, I sprinkled on some matching green glitter. After hanging the wreath on the door for a while, I think the addition of some Elmer's Glue would be a smart choice, since I have lost about half of my glitter to wear and tear. To help attach my letters I hot glued bobby pins to the back of each letter. I think some type of floral wire would also probably work, but hey, if it worked for Sassy's Sanctuary, it works for me! You might also notice I snuck in some holiday picks to jazz it up even more.


The finishing touch was my ribbon and bow. The original wreath had a standard bow fastened to it, but again, with all of the amazing DIY craft tutorials on Pinterest, I had to step my bow up a notch! With some help from Apartment Therapy, I made this fun pom pom bow.

I am so ridiculously addicted to Pinterest and wouldn't be surprised if you end up that way too! If you ever need inspiration for decor, crafts, fashion, food, etc., etc. then head on over and do a little pinning.

I can't wait to make another rag wreath for future holidays and all of the days in between! Well, I'm off to do some more pinning...

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  1. Cool. It looks amazing Annalise! May be a time greedy project but it is beautiful and it must make a lot of people smile; me for one. Thank you for sharing.



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