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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Campus in Bloom

Every spring one of the most beautiful magnolia trees blooms outside of Campus Creek Complex at Kansas State University. There are actually two, but the one pictured below is the largest of the pair. Just after the blooms are in full swing, petals begin to fall, creating a soft carpet of pink on the fresh green grass. After staring at the tree outside my classroom window for the past week, I jumped at the opportunity to document it's splendor on my first free day so I could share it with you. And while on campus, I figured I would walk around and see what else was in bloom...

Pink wasn't the only color in season on Saturday. There were bright yellow bushes, white flowering trees, tiny purple flowers, and a bounty of green grass, tree buds, and bushes.

I ended my stroll around campus at the new World War II Memorial. The over-sized I.D. tags proudly reflect the American Flag, which sits adjacent to the art piece. 

Make sure that you set aside some time to get out and enjoy nature's beauty this spring!

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